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Our Mission

To motivate our students to strive for academic excellence in a safe and accepting environment and to provide the skills that will enable our students to become productive members of society.  


SAT 10/ TCAP Testing

April 28 - 30

Grades 2-5

All classes with 100% perfect attendance all 3 days will have a pizza party. (K-5)

All students who come in after 8:25 in grades 2-5 will be kept in the office until a break in the testing, which will be at  9:30 and possibly later, depending on the test being given.

There will be a “Quiet Zone” in the school from 8:30-12:00 each day.

We will not allow visitors to eat lunch with students in any grades during the week of April 27-May 1st due to testing security. We cannot have visitors in the building during testing week. 

We will not be using the intercom during the testing days so please make sure your child knows how they are to get home each morning before coming to school.  We will not be able to call into their rooms and tell them.

Please make sure all students testing get a good night’s sleep the night before.

Remind your children before school on those days that they will do great and that they are ready!! Give them all the encouragement you can to help lessen the stress of testing.

Organizations Events
•  Six Flags trip  (RVES Honors Club)

We are very excited and honored to announce that the new Commissioner of Education for the state of Tennessee will be making...