Principal's Corner

March 2017

We have almost made it to spring!  We haven't seen a lot of that fluffy white stuff, but we have had our share of sickness.  Hopefully, that is mostly behind us and improving each day.

With spring quickly approaching there are a few things I'd like you to keep in mind.

Attendance:  It is so important to get your child to school each day.  Their academic performance is closely tied to their attendance rate.  Studies show that students with high absenteeism are more likely to struggle in school.  We need them here, and we appreciate you doing your part!

Study Habits:  We have seven weeks of school until our students take the end-of-the-year achievement test, TNReady.  Encourage your child to complete all assignments, redo work when given the opportunity, and study for all quizzes and tests.  Read to them or with them every single night.  The study habits they develop in elementary school can support them throughout the middle and high school years that follow.

Discipline:  With warmer weather comes more discipline issues.  Encourage your child to Be Respectful, Be Responsible, and Be Ready!  Those are our school-wide rules.  Being respectful to their teachers and following classroom rules are vitally important.  We appreciate you supporting our efforts toward ensuring that all of our students practice being respectful, responsible, and ready.

Thank you for all that you do to help us ensure that your child is successful at RVES!  -Mrs. Spurgeon