When to Keep Your Child Home 

When to keep your child home:

I get a lot of questions regarding this issue so here are a few guidelines:

·     Fever  greater than 100 – do not return to school until fever free without medication for 24 hours.

·     Vomiting – some children vomit for no reason or have extremely weak stomachs but if your child is vomiting with an illness, they should stay home until they are no longer vomiting for 24 hours and are keeping down solid foods.

·     Diarrhea – This is 2 or more loose stools.  Your child is much more comfortable at home and may return after stools have stopped

·     Rash -  Any rash that accompany a fever needs to be seen by your healthcare provider. If the rash is worsening, draining, open, or itching to where your child is uncomfortable with it, please keep them home.



No one knows your child better than you do so if you think your child is ill and you feel it best to keep them home, be sure to send a note with them when they return to school explaining the illness.  If they are absent for 3 or more days, a physician’s excuse is required.