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Weekly Homework

Here you can find our Weekly Homework. I assign this on every Monday and collect them Friday for a grade. If your child's homework gets lost, or you just simply want to look at it together, you can find it here. 

Recent Posts

Week 17

This is our last full week before Christmas Break! Please remember as the weather cools down to make sure your children wear coats to school. We will not allow students without a coat (not sweatshirt or sweater) outside if the temperature is below 50 degrees. We want healthy and warm children! Thank you for understanding. 

Week 13

Happy Friday Fourth Grade Families!
This is our last full week before Thanksgiving! Where has the time gone? Your child will bring a midterm home on Tuesday November 14, so be watching for that. Have a great week!

Week 12

Can you believe it's already November?! Thanksgiving Break is fast approaching.
Please make sure your child is completing their homework assignments every week in math. These can really impact a grade in a good OR bad way. They are meant to help review topics we've discussed all year. 
Thanksgiving Dinner is Nov. 16. Please send $5 per adult (up to 2 adults) by November 6. 

Week 11

Happy Friday everyone!
I've got just a short post this week. Tuesday is HALLOWEEN!! Please make sure that if your child wears a costume, it is school appropriate and not too scary. We will have a small party with a special treat for the children that day. 
Some students seem to have lost their scissors. We use these almost daily and they're missing out because they're having to wait for scissors. Please check with your children to make sure they don't need any of their supplies replenished.
Thank you so much!
Have a great weekend. 

Week 10

What a crazy few weeks it has been at Ridge View Elementary! We had the end of the 9 weeks and Fall Break. I'm so glad we're back in to our regular school routine. I have a few important things below, so please keep reading. 
Report Cards go Home! (10/20) Please send the bottom part signed Monday. 
The Lost Sea field trip (10/24): The cave is chilly, so please make sure your children are dressed pretty warm and comfortable. We are so excited!
Ridge View Fall Carnival (10/26): 5:30-7:30- Come for games, Haunted House and Cake Walk!
Red Ribbon Week (10/23-10/27): This week is meant for students to learn how staying away from drugs will help make them successful! You received a couple of papers with report cards today about a couple of things they can do to participate in Red Ribbon Week. We have a different theme every day if you'd like to send your child in themed clothes for each day.
Monday: Favorite Sports Team Shirt or Jersey
Tuesday: Tacky Clothes (this is field trip day, please send your fourth grader in comfy walking clothes)
Wednesday: Super Hero Shirt
Thursday: Wear Red
Friday: School Spirit

Week 6

Hello Everyone!
I can't believe it's already week 6! Here are some things to be looking forward to this week.
Parent Teacher Conferences: September 18
After School classes begin (This year only particular students were chosen for after school, so if you didn't get a paper that's why.): September 18
Rounding Test: September 21
Please continue to check with your children to make sure they're bringing their materials home to study. They should have Math, Science, Social Studies, and Language composition notebooks to study almost daily. These contain a lot of the information they are being tested on, so they're really important. 
We're using the Chrome Books more and more in class. If your child has their own headphones that they're allowed to bring to school that would be great! But if they don't, we have some extras they can use.

Week 5

Happy Friday Families!
Can you believe we are going in to week 5 of school?! Time flies when we're having fun. Here are a few important dates coming up that you may need to know. 
Plant VS Animal Cell test: September 13
Picture Day: September 15
Addition and Subtraction Test: September 15
Please remember to check your child's binder for handouts and graded papers. Also don't forget to check their school supplies in case something needs replenished. We use our supplies daily and it's easy to run out and not realize. 
Have a fantastic weekend!

Week 4

Hello Everyone!
Can you believe we are already at week 4?! I can't even believe how fast time flies. This week we have a couple of important things going on. 
No School (Labor Day)- September 4
Midterms go home- September 7
Picture Day- September 15
As always, be on the lookout for important information in your child's binders and sign up for dojo if you haven't already for updates daily on your child's behavior. 
Happy Weekend!

Week 3 Information!

 Happy Friday everyone! Next week is week 3 of school! I am going to try to post some important weekly dates for your information. 
  • Math Test on Place Value: Tuesday, August 29
  • Back to School Bash: Tuesday, August 29 from 5:30-7:30
  • Science Test on Moon Phases: Friday, September 1
  • No School: Monday, September 4
  • Midterms come home: Thursday, September 7

Solar Eclipse Glasses

 I will be sending home Solar Eclipse glasses tomorrow (8/18/17) with your child. Please try to send in 5 aluminum cans for the Roane County Highway Department! They were so generous to donate these glasses to our children. Remember there is no school Monday (8/21/17), so watch the eclipse SAFELY with your child and have a great day off!

Welcome to Fourth Grade

 Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year! I am Mrs. Westbrooks and you can find helpful links, our class newsletter, supply list, or important dates on this website. Any important information that you need to know I will post right here. If you subscribe to my webpage you will get a notification that I have something new here.