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Ridge View Elementary School

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School History

Serving the southwestern portion of Roane County, Ridge View Elementary School is a modern facility offering the school population of approximately 600 kindergarten through fifth grade students a wide range of educational avenues. The school was opened in 1964 serving grades one through six. In 1993, Ridge View Elementary was renovated and the sixth grade transferred to Rockwood Middle School. In 2000, classrooms and new administrative offices were added. Geographically, Ridge View is located 1/3 mile east of Highways 27 and 70 and is approximately 6 miles south of Interstate 40 in Rockwood, Tennessee. The region is rural and offers cultural and recreational opportunities in water sports on Watts Bar Lake and the Clinch River. Rockwood is within a short driving distance of the larger cities of Oak Ridge and Knoxville. Outdoor recreational areas such as the Big South Fork Recreational Area, Frozen Head State Park, and the Great Smoky Mountain National Park are within an 80-mile radius. The communities served by the school include rural mountainous areas, small farms, and the town of Rockwood (pop. 5,562, 2010 census).

The City of Rockwood sprang up after the Civil War when a union officer, John T. Wilder, discovered an abundance of iron ore on Walden's Ridge. A trained geologist, Wilder took note of the red clothing dye made locally from ore while in the area during the war. He later returned with northern industrialists to form the Roane Iron Company in 1868. Rockwood was a "company town", where the majority of the population-enjoyed housing built by their employer and used currency traded in the company store. The city is named for the Roane Iron Company's first president, William O. Rockwood, so chosen because of his less controversial status in the community by comparison to his colleagues, all of whom had served in the Union Army. The city's industrial base diversified after 1905 when previous employees of the Roane Iron Company began manufacturing textiles, stoves, and dry goods. Through the years, different industries have dominated the employment base for the city.

The population is socially and economically diverse. The area has a large number of low-income families. Today there are several housing developments, small businesses, and one industrial park in the area.

The Roane County School System consists of six elementary schools, five middle schools and five high schools. Of the six elementary schools, Ridge View Elementary School (RVES) is among one of the largest.